AADAC stands for the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission. It is an agency of the government of Alberta. AADAC provides alcohol and other drug addiction services to the people of Alberta. In 1994, AADAC also became responsible for dealing with problem gambling in the province.

AADAC’s mission

Our mission is to help Albertans to live free from the abuse of alcohol, other drugs and gambling.

What kinds of services does AADAC offer?

AADAC offers addictions treatment services in locations throughout Alberta.

When a person starts treatment, they participate in an assessment with a counsellor. This helps the person and the counsellor understand what the person wants and needs from treatment. Special treatment services are available for teenagers, aboriginal people, women and men.

AADAC offers prevention services to help prevent problems before they start.

AADAC has produced a number of prevention programs and resources for youth, schools, communities, the workplace and seniors. Prevention services include information, resources, education and training.

For more information on AADAC, see our main web site.

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